Zombie Apocalypse!

Since shows such as The Walking Dead and films like Zombieland (my favourite!) and I Am Legend, there has become a huge zombie fan base. It seems that half of us, me included, think that a zombie apocalypse is imminent, whilst others think that it’s absolutely impossible. I can understand where each side is coming from, but have the people who believe it’s going to happen actually formulated a plan to survive?
I like to plan, so I’ve come up with my own survival guide!

1) I assume that when I hear about the zombies, I will be in my hometown – and probably at work which is in the middle of the town. Now this part I’m undecided about. Do I loot the shops for supplies and drive home for more supplies, risking getting caught in traffic, or do I leave the car to go back to later, loot the shops for things such as water and walk home… baring in mind I don’t know much about the zombies at this point – Where are they? How fast are they? Do I only turn if I’m bitten? Is the disease airborne?

2) The Walking Dead taught us to stay away from cities. You may think that you’ll be able to find loads of supplies or seek protection, but the chances are that everyone else had the same idea. And cities will almost certainly be jammed with zombies, and that’s obviously high risk. Stay away if you don’t want your horses’ intestines to be enjoyed as a mid afternoon snack and then nearly deafen yourself shooting a zombie inside a tank.

3) Travel light. It’s probably a bad idea to stay in your house as I very much doubt you thought to zombie proof it when you moved in. I’d probably take my car and throw in loads of water and imperishable foods and a change of clothes. I also have a metal baseball bat behind my front door – so that can ride shotgun.

4) When it comes to choosing to travel in a group or travel alone or with one other – I’d probably choose to travel with two people max. The trouble that the Walking Dead group get into prove that it’s a high risk to be with so many others, although it can have it advantages too. But I Am Legend proves that being alone also keeps you alive, as long as you have somewhere secure to rest and hide.

5) When watching zombie programmes and films and playing zombie games, I have a thing about getting fuel. So I would always try to scavenge for fuel and parts whenever I could.

6) Staying somewhere secure after dark. As it is likely that I would have chosen a small group to travel with, it would be a smart idea to hold up somewhere at night as there are less of us to keep a decent watch.

7) I’d also try to avoid places that could have drawn a high number of people to them when the zombies first came around. The chances are that everything I wanted that was once held in these places/buildings is gone, and there would also be a shit load of zombies around.

8) Avoid other groups. I don’t want them coming and stealing my stuff and bringing zombies with them.

9) The chances of me getting my hands on a gun is very slim. So whilst I’d have the advantage of zombies not being able to hear any gun shots and try to come eat me, I’d also have to get up close and personal if I couldn’t get away. With this is mind, it’d probably be a good idea to have something to cover my mouth with. I don’t wanna be drinking no zombie blood.

10) I’d always have my hair in a bun, or even cut it short, so the zombies can’t grab onto it.
It’s good to plan these things! Obviously there are loads of different things that I would end up doing, but it all depends on the situation. So whilst I’m fighting off zombies, you’ll probably either be dead or becoming one of them ALL BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T HAVE A PLAN.
If anyone else has a plan or thinks of anything they would do if a zombie apocalypse came to town, let me know 🙂 xo


3 thoughts on “Zombie Apocalypse!

  1. shad says:

    panic not little one, if the zombies get me first, there is a f**k off hunting knife beside my bed, take that and remember , stiff wrist, hard jab under the ribs, up and twist!!…..mother Goose xxx

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