What is an Essex girl?

I’m getting a bit sick of everyone blaming TOWIE for creating an ‘Essex Girl’ stereotype, and I don’t even like the show. Sure, within their first few series it appeared as if they were trying their very hardest to glamourise blonde hair, fake tan, fake nails, huge boobs and being a little bit simple. But this stereotype has been around since the 1980’s… some of the people on the show weren’t even walking.

I live in Essex and have done all my life and most of the people I know and see (over the age of 18, the kids think it looks good) look nothing like this. In fact, a lot of people I speak to avoid doing certain things, wearing certain clothes and even wearing makeup that they think looks good and suits them because they don’t want people to look at them as an ‘Essex Girl’.
But the thing is that no matter where you go, you are always going to see a handful of people with a lot of orange skin on show, blonde extensions and fake eyelashes. It really isn’t just an Essex thing at all. Have you seen the Geordies?! They look exactly the same as the supposed Essex girl does, they just have a different (and pretty awesome) accent.

I dye my hair brown, I’m so pale I reflect light, I don’t wear a lot of makeup and I always have way more skin covered than I do on show. I am an Essex girl and I am not a minority – the stereotypes are.


3 thoughts on “What is an Essex girl?

  1. shad says:

    so you do not have a little bottle of St moritz hidden away in the back of the bathroom cabinet then? (with mit and latex gloves ! ) . x mumma goose x

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