Reason #526 why I hate technology

Okay, I don’t actually hate technology, but it’s really starting to piss me off lately.  It seems every electronic device I touch lately its going to brake or mess up in some way.

I mentioned in a previous post (technology), that my laptop is amazingly old, slow and just crap in general. I’ve had it since I was in year 9, I’m 20 now! So I guess I shouldn’t be mega pissed off that it’s finally given up and self combusted. The memory my camera software takes up is just a  little ridiculous, so in protest my laptop decided it had 0 virtual memory left and 0 hard disk space, it also won’t let me delete stuff. Bye bye music, pictures, programs…everything. Stupid Toshiba.


Mum said I could download the camera software onto the home computer, which is also old as hell and slow as shit by the way, and now that’s decided to play up as well! I don’t  know why I bother. So I’m trying to post this on my kindle fire – which has decided it actually doesn’t want  be typed on, no it won’t type certain letters first time, and yes it will delete the word I just typed .


This has taken me 20 minutes to type out. Why do I bother again? 


Let me know what you think!

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