Random questions to ask your boyfriend

And his answers!

How much do you love me and what are you willing to do in order to prove your love?

Lots – and I went and found you a daffodil at midnight on your birthday because that’s what you asked for.

If you ever got the chance to look like someone else, who would you choose to look like and why?

Will Smith – because he’s Will Smith.

If you ever come across a magic lamp (like in Aladdin) and you get three wishes, what would they be?

To have some sort of McDonalds black card (like Nandos), to have an Iron Man suit and to give all the characters in Wizard of Oz what they want.

If you became a hamster one day, would you like living in a cage or would you still want to live in your room and sleep in your bed?

I dunno, I’d sleep in my pants draw or something..

When you saw me for the first time, what did you say to yourself? Did you feel that we would end up dating each other?

Well you were better looking than I thought you were gonna be so I was like.. Okay, good start. You didn’t look anything like the pictures I’d seen of you, you looked more cute in them but more hot in the flesh.

Β Is there any other name you would like to be known by other than the one your parents have given you?

Hendrix? Juan? Julio? PETE.

Who is your ideal woman?


If the house was on fire, would you save me or your xbox?

That’s not a question. You..I can’t replace you can I?!

Would you still love me if I shaved all my hair off and tattooed my whole head and face?

No. Brutal honesty there.

….I think we’ll leave it there.


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