Most unusual things found at the airport!

The town that I work in is never really very busy, but on a Sunday it’s absolutely dead. So when bop-it became boring I was wondering what it would be like to work in an airport, and then wondering what kind of things have ended up in unclaimed baggage over the years.

There’s about a billion sites with tons of weird and wonderful stuff on them, but I’ve just picked out my favourite to share:

Hoggle from Labyrinth
For the people that haven’t got a fiddle who Hoggle is, he’s a small little dwarf like creature from the film Labyrinth, starring David Bowie as the goblin king. It’s a really good film, trust me. The Imagereason I found this so funny is because the site I saw it on (CNN) don’t explain what was actually found. We know it’s Hoggle, but do they mean the actor, a figurine, the mask? I really wish they’d of expanded a bit more here.

Roasted human fetuses
This one isn’t funny at all, but it’s certainly gross. A British man was arrested in a Thailand airport because six roasted human fetuses were found in his luggage. He said he was planning to sell them in Taiwan as they were said to be lucky charms and worth a sickening $6,300. Lucky or not, you just wouldn’t buy that.

A live tiger cub
Whilst a bag was going through the x-ray machine in an airport in Thailand the staff noticed an object that appeared to be a real animal. When the bag was inspected several stuffed tiger toys and a sedated two month old cub were found. I’m almost certain that the cub was being smuggled into Iran to be sold. Cold hearted asshole.

Intimate ‘personal’ items
It’s obvious what is meant by this one, I don’t even need to explain. How embarrassing would it be trying to claim it back?! I’m sure many people have just abandoned them rather than going through the returns process!

The pigeons weren’t actually found in someone’s bag, but they’d put the pigeons in two brown envelopes and strapped them to their legs underneath their trousers. And the pigeons were still alive! …I think someone’s a little cukoo.

Someone’s husband’s ashes
At least you’d be able to say that they saw the world, right?

There’s literally thousands and thousands of things that have been lost and found online that you can actually buy! Imagine losing something on a plane, then thinking that you’ll be able to pick one up for cheap online and ending up just buying back your old one! There is even a store in Alabame, US that sells peoples lost items. If the objects are not claimed from the airport after 90 days of it being found by airport staff it can then legally be sold. Apparently this store is as big as Walmart (I’ve never been to a Walmart obviously, but I imagine it’s preeeetty big), and they sell almost everything apart from the kitchen sink. They’ve even got a wedding department, complete with dresses, suits and even rings! It just proves that men really do take their wedding rings off when they go on business trips…to Vegas.


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