5 reasons why it sucks to be a woman

I don’t want anyone to think that I have some kind of gender confusion going on, but sometimes I really hate being a girl.

1) I always feel under so much pressure to look good, and not just when I go out. If I’m planning to stay at home for the day I still put make up on and sort my hair out in case I have to answer the door at some point. Nobody wants to feel judged on their own doorstep. Plus seeing pictures of celebrities just makes me feel like a blobby pale mess.

2) Women have a lot more ‘areas’ to shave then men do. I find it incredibly frustrating making sure I’m on top of things. The slightest bit of prickle and I get a strop on.

3) No one likes walking down the street in summer and seeing a girl with magical light reflecting legs. We have to discover the boundary between light reflecting, pale, brown and orange – and Imagethen make sure we keep on top of that too whilst still shaving our legs which strips most of the tan off.

4) Choosing what to wear is a mission. We should be awarded with medals of bravery and accomplishment every time we step out the front door.

5) We have periods, and have to go through the pain of childbirth.

I’m clearly having a ‘life isn’t fair’ day!


5 thoughts on “5 reasons why it sucks to be a woman

  1. Jcup says:

    Personally I believe you are waaay too hard on yourself. Personal appearance is important but I suggest you look good for yourself and not worry so much about what others think. Fuck them I say. They’re not living your life. You are.

    Shaving facial hair is a must. Everything else is no big deal. Just trim up a little if anything. If anyone has a problem with that tell them to go fuck themselves.

    A nice tan can look good but pale can look good too. Switch it up and take it easy.

    Clothes shmoes. Dress comfortable and practical. Jeans, tshirt, sneakers, hoodie. Perfect. Unless you’re going to some fancy event, an interview, or the club, you shouldn’t worry so much about what you’re wearing.

    The period is to me the only legitimate bad thing on your list. Everything else is self inflicted really. Afraid of pregnancy and childbirth? Adopt. Or hire a surrogate.

    Too many people allow society to brainwash them I think. Just my 2 cents. Be well.

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