5 reasons it sucks to be a man

I feel that some people may consider my post to be sexist, so it’s only fair to try and find reasons why it sucks to be a guy!

1) If they had a late night or have a mahoosive zit on their chin (as I do at the moment), there’s absolutely nothing they can do to cover it up. Although it’s becoming more and more acceptable for men to wear makeup, most still avoid it like the plague.

2) If some form of public transport crashes and passengers have to be evacuated asap, it’s almost certain that most of those men are going do die. WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST PEOPLE. Just look at the Titanic… *sob*

3) This has clearly never happened to me, but I’ve been told many a time that getting hit in the dangly region is more than a little bit painful… is that really a reason on why being a guy sucks though?nut shot

4) When a woman has a baby, she obviously has a natural bond with that baby as she’s been carrying it for 9 months – men have to work for that bond.

5) I’m really struggling to think of a fifth reason here. Baldness? Receding hairlines? Ugly feet? Not being able to cross their legs without squashing their stuff?

It’s far easier to think of women stuff!


Let me know what you think!

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