A while ago I posted that I was starting a quilting project (https://bambileigh.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/time-for-a-new-hobby/), but since then I haven’t mentioned it even once. BUT I’VE FINISHED! I’m so proud, I think for my first attempt it hasn’t turned out too bad.


The picture to the left is of when I’d just finished defining all the little patches. As I’d never quilted before I thought it would be best to buy a kit rather than go all out and buy all the fabric, wadding and backing fabric separately, so where it looks as if I’ve sewn loads of squares together it’s actually just one piece of fabric covered in different patterned squares and I’ve just sewn over the edges to get the quilted effect.

As I did it all by hand, that was the bit that took the longest to complete. I sewed the wadding and backing fabric to the patterned fabric as I was defining the squares, so that was all done. All that was left to do was to sew on the plain backing of the pillow and stuff it which didn’t take long at all!


So here we go! It’s quite small but it only cost about £8 to buy the kit so I guess you get what you pay for. I’m pretty chuffed with it though.

I want to make a chequered quilt/throw but I can’t find anywhere that sells cheap fabric and wadding – so if anyone reading this knows of anywhere please let me know!


4 thoughts on “I’VE FINISHED!

  1. angela5mith says:

    It looks great. I love the colours, very cheerful looking. I regularly visit the car boot sales/charity shops searching for items I can deconstruct to use the materials. I managed to pick up a 2 meter length of material for £1.50 last week! It’s worth a look! I am making a patchwork quilt at the moment, I sourced the materials from various places. Old tablecloths etc. I am learning to use anything and revive it into something else!

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