Ball hoggers

This afternoon/evening I went out bowling and for a meal with my boyfriend, which was super fun and the meal was nice. And when I say nice, I mean it was damn spicy! I know Nando’s is all about spicy chicken, but how on Earth I still manage to find a plain chicken wrap without the chilli jam and with extra yoghurt to help cool any fire down spicy… I will never know. I’m such a wimp when it comes to anything remotely spicy.

I’m also a wimp when it comes to lifting anything heavier than a handbag, so just imagine for a second how light the balls that I bowl with are. Just imagine that for a second. I have to use an 8… and I still managed to hurt my wrist. There were kids using heavier balls than me! The family that were playing in the lane next to us, and therefore sharing our magical bowling ball dispensery unit, had two young boys who were clearly going to need light balls too.

At this stage, I must point out that before we started our game I went and took some grade 8 balls from lanes that weren’t in use therefore causing no harm or inconvenience to anyone else.


We were already half way through our game by the time this other family came to share our holy ball dispenser, and the two boys and the mother decided that they would also use the orange

balls. There were four balls. You have two bowls per go. There were four of us wanting to use the grade 8 balls. Do the math – more balls are obviously required here. Do they go and fetch any balls? No, no they do not go and fetch any balls.
Now I’m not sure if manners and everyday etiquette when encountering other people are still used in this day and age, but I would of thought so… right? Not for this little family. No sir. Or maybe it’s totally acceptable to allow your children to literally lay on the orange bowling balls so it is made impossible for anyone else to pick them up to use. Maybe it’s okay to literally pull the ball away from a stranger’s hand as they go to pick it up.

They are clearly the owners of the bowling alley. That’s the only conclusion I can come to, ’cause it’s not like they can get kicked out… so what’s the point in manners?


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