THE greatest stir fry!

This was just too good not to share! I love a stir fry, they’re simple, quick and you can put pretty much whatever you like into them.


In Tesco you can buy a pack of stir fry vegetables, noodles and sauce, which is ideal if you’re just looking for a good meal fast. My boyfriend fancied salmon for tea, but I’m not a big fish lover so we compromised and made a chicken and salmon stir fry – it was so good! I shredded up my piece of salmon and mixed it in with everything else, but he just left his whole and put it on top.

Although this meal is super easy to cook, I’ve encountered a few people that have never made one and don’t realise how simple it is. So read on to find out how!

First you have to choose which meat you’re going to add (if you’re going to add meat at all). We chose chicken and bought it already diced up so that saved us a couple of minutes preparation wise.

Cook off the chicken in a lightly oiled pan. When the chicken is pretty much half way cooked empty the packet of noodles into a separate pan, again make sure the pan is slightly oiled so they don’t stick. A wok would be perfect for these noodles.

Add the vegetables in when the chicken is cooked. If your pan is now brimming to the edges, just leave it a couple of minutes and the vegetables will wilt down. We used a Thai style mixed stir fry vegetable pack and added extra bean sprouts (I LOVE BEAN SPROUTS).

By the time the vegetables are done the noodles should also be cooked through. We bought two packs of Chinese style stir fry sauce and added one to each of the pans so there would be sauce throughout the dish, not just on the top with all the meat and veg. Allow the sauce to heat up and make sure it’s mixed in with all the other ingredients properly and you’re done!


Let me know what you think!

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