Not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of myself!


I was planning to post a picture of the squares once I’d sewn them into their rows, but I got carried away and now I’ve ended up sewing five rows together! No one ever told me that it will give me chronic back ache though! Although I do sit very hunched over at the sewing machine, so that’s probably my own fault. And I’ve taken over the dining room table! It’s lucky we don’t use it much really – I don’t want tomato sauce stains on my fabric!

When the fabric first arrived I laid them all out on the living room floor into the pattern I wanted, then pinned each row together and labelled them 1, 2, 3 etc. and started to sew each square together. Then I ironed out the seams – I’ve seen two methods of doing this online; one woman ironed each seam in one row to the left, then the next row’s seams to the right, and another woman ironed each seam down the middle (so they were facing toward the fabric they came from) – and that’s the method I chose. That’s the point where I was planning to stop… clearly that didn’t happen. I ended up sewing two rows together, which is when I took the picture above, and THEN I was going to stop.


That didn’t happen either. I’ve literally had to pry myself away from the machine to post this! So, I’ve now ended up sewing five rows together, but not in the line order that I first planned – I’ve jiggled things about a bit. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but I think it looks pretty good.

You know when you’re planning a project in your head, then you actually do it and it looks nothing like you thought it would? Well I can happily say that this isn’t one of those moments for me – and I’ve had plenty! (whatever you do, don’t look at my scrapbook)

I’m off to give my back a rest… no promises that I won’t jump straight back on the machine.


8 thoughts on “Not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of myself!

  1. Janneke says:

    Looking good! I hope you had some help from my blog,. I totally know the feeling of not beiing able to pull yourself away from the sewing machine… You constantly want to sew one more row, but after that one you want to do another one! And there is the never-ending circle… Keep us posted on your progress, I want to see 🙂

  2. cloudcoucou says:

    Yay, looks great! I know what you mean about not being able to remove yourself from the sewing machine. I always think…I’ll stop when I get to……and then I get to that point and I think actually I’ll stop when I get to…and so it goes on until I start making loads of mistakes!

  3. gillbla says:

    I know that feeling so well. I often dream up nice looking cakes and they end up tasting great but looking…..well, homemade is the kindest way to put it! I also agree on Kath K being over priced, but I think it was definitely worth it in this case.

    Ps. Thanks for visiting my blog

    • BambiLeigh says:

      I hate that so much! I do it with outfits too – I plan an awesome outfit in my head, put it together and… well there’s no words to describe how its turns out!

  4. stitchinggrandma says:

    You are doing a nice job. I am guessing you are a beginner, because this looks like my beginning quilting; but my squares were 8 1/2 inches and someone else cut them. There is a great blogger who does wonderful videos and teaches quilting from the most simple concept to the more complex – She is called the GOURMET Quilter- her blog is . The reason I recommend her, is she has so many useful tips and techniques and has made it a mission to share them. I have been quilting for 5 years, and learn every day. Good luck with your project, the colors are beautiful.

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