5 most bacteria ridden everyday objects

hh8I was listening to the radio then other day as I was driving to work, and they were talking about how a toilet seat actually has less bacteria than inside a woman’s handbag… how gross is that?

I then spent the whole day wondering how much bacteria was being transferred to my hands every time I touched anything – I also wound my way through a whole bottle of hand sanitiser. I bet the lid had some pretty nasty stuff lurking!

1) Car parking meters – I touch these every single day. Just think how many people have been putting in their coins that they’ve been holding in their sweaty hands and then pressing the button to get the ticket out. I’ve always hated the parking meters because they’re so expensive, but now I can add ‘high risk of infection’ to the list.


3) So then I obviously started to think about money. I handle money every single day. I work in a shop and have to accept notes and change from some pretty grimy looking people sometimes. It really doesn’t bear thinking about. And I’m forever holding a note between my teeth (not at work, I’d like to point out) whilst I’m doing something else with my hands. My mouth is full of icky people’s germs now.

4) By the time I went on my lunch break I was still thinking about loads of different bacteria carrying objects and I went to dry up my cup when I realised that I’ve been working in the same place for 3 months and the tea towel looks exactly the same as when I first started. I’m actually pretty sure it’s the same one, so there’s no way it could have been washed. And although it’s purpose is to dry wet dishes and stuff, it’s still gonna be pretty grim after 3 months.

5) I also cleaned the inside of my car the other day (although it’s a mess again now), but I’ve never cleaned the gear stick or the handbrake. I cleaned all round the bottom of the stick but not the part that you actually touch. I was thinking that it can’t really be that dirty, and my Nan had the car before me and she’s a pretty clean person. But it’s not like I can wash my hands every second of everyday, so there is gonna be some bacteria and stuff on there…

But like I said, I can’t spend my life washing my hands – and the everyday bacteria that’s on them hasn’t hurt me as of yet…


5 thoughts on “5 most bacteria ridden everyday objects

  1. stitchinggrandma says:

    My husband’s grandpa said you would “eat a peck of dirt” before you die…..
    You are RIGHT about that tea towel….bring a clean one from home and take that dirty one home and wash it! For your own sanity and that of co-workers! Get some of those clorox wipes and keep them “under the counter” at work and periodically wipe the register keys, the countertop; the Pin Pad, etc. While you are at it, wipe that gear shifter and the BOTTOM of your pocketbook. (Think about where you set that pocketbook when you use a public restroom or eat in a resturant)…ewww…….Dump out the handbag periodically & wipe it all down with the clorox wipe too!!! Going to clean mine right NOW…. 🙂

    • BambiLeigh says:

      It’s so gross! The tea towel is actually a bit crusty I noticed today! I do regularly clean the tills, but luckily I’m leaving in a week so the grime won’t be my issue anymore. And I’ll definitely have to get some wipes when I’m next at Tesco!

  2. Janneke says:

    I think bacteria are good for your immune system. Because they are everywhere you are used to them and they do not make you ill. Imagine they would, now THAT would be nasty!

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