The things I’d do if I won the lottery…

I think to win the lottery you have to actually buy a ticket first…since I’ve never done the lottery in my life I’ll keep that in mind the next time I’m disappointed that I haven’t won.Image

I think the very first thing I’d do would be to book the best holiday possible, just like everyone else. But before I jet off on my world tour, I’d buy all the fabric I’ve been looking at for months so it’s waiting for me when I get home. Then I’d probably kick myself for spending my winnings on a holiday and fabric.

I just added up all the different fabrics, bundles and kits that I’ve been watching on ebay and the came to a pretty impressive £86 – without postage and packaging. That’s also without the last bits I need to finish my quilt, which is currently gathering dust on the side.

I also figure that to have a good chance of winning the lottery I’d have to buy a load of tickets, so I’d probably have to be quite well off to have that amount of disposable income to spend on the lottery… and if I had that much spare money I probably wouldn’t need to enter the lottery… I think I’m trying to say that only people that don’t really need to win the lottery win the lottery…I’m not completely sure what I mean so I don’t expect you guys to have a clue!


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