Another 10 random questions to ask your boyfriend

Since my post 10 random questions to ask your boyf has been the most popular post on  my whole blog (I’m on the first google page!) I thought I’d ask him another 10 questions!

If you could change one thing about me what would it be?

Less farty, definitely. (it’s gross, but I do fart A LOT)

If I was a soup, what flavour would I be and why? Would you eat me?

Mulligatawny ’cause ya never know whether ya like it or not…but I guess I’d eat you.

If you could take me anywhere, where would it be and why?

On holiday to the Seychelles, ’cause you deserve it. (that kinda made up for the soup comment! although he’s still getting an elbow in the ribs tonight)

If we were superheroes, who would we be?

I’d be superman and you’d be superwoman – because they’re sexy as fuck… and so are we.

What do you hate about women in general?

Erm…they all think the same…they’re mindfucks? Errr…I don’t understand them.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

The special one.

What’s your biggest pet peeve about me?

Smoking. I hate it when you smoke.

What’s your favourite thing about me?

Your cuteness. There’s not a lot of people that are as sweet as you, but you’re so cute. (nawh :3)
What feature did you first notice when we met?
I can’t remember!
Nice! What’s your favourite feature at the moment?
Your hair. I like your face obviously but I really like your hair, I can’t choose one facial feature. I love you!

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