As I mentioned in a previous post – this one – I find it impossible to throw things away. A while ago I decided that I’d find a way to recycle the things I don’t use/wear any more, so that way they wouldn’t be just sitting in a corner gathering dust. Good idea, right?

The problem is that every time I try and cut something up or tear it to pieces I chicken out and just put it away again. But yesterday was different.

I really needed a new sewing bag because my old one is too small and has loads of thread caught in the zip so I can’t close it. My boyfriend bought me some fabric last week but I didn’t have enough to make a new bag, so I had a look through my draws and found an old pair of pajama bottoms that are way too big, so I don’t wear them.


I admit that I did hesitate and almost put them away, but I actually made a new bag out of them!

And if I’m honest, I only cut the bottom legs off of the bottoms, so now I can wear them as shorts instead!


Let me know what you think!

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