Green floral camera case


I got a new camera for my 20th birthday a couple of months back and I still hadn’t got a case for it. I didn’t want it to get scratched and ruined so I didn’t really use it that often.
My boyfriend got me some cute fabric off ebay and some wadding so I can finally finish my quilt (which I’m planning to do over the next few days), so I thought it was about time I finally made a camera case!

I’d never really made a case that had to be a specific size in order to put something in it, but it’s actually a lot easier to do than I thought it would be. My nifty little case has also got lining – I’ve never lined anything before!


I’m still pretty new to the whole crafty fabric diy scene but I don’t think I’m doing too badly! I also went out and bought a cutting mat today so measuring out fabrics should be a lot easier to get right now – no more faffing about with a little ruler!

The case looks a lot better with the camera actually in it – but obviously I can’t take a picture of that!


5 thoughts on “Green floral camera case

    • BambiLeigh says:

      Ah thankyou! I’m just waiting for a rotary cutter to be delivered and the bias binding to arrive and then I can finish it!
      I’ve had my eye on a crocheted elephant pattern but I have no clue how to do it! Is it difficult?

      • Simply Knots says:

        I find it really easy, but I’ve never done dolls or animals. There are so many patterns, it’s hard to choose. I try to design my own stuff. 🙂 What is a rotary cutter and bias binding?

      • BambiLeigh says:

        Ah that’s pretty cool! A rotary cutter looks a bit like a pizza cutter – ya know the sharp wheel looking ones? It basically helps to cut your fabric more evenly and smooth. And bias binding is what people use to finish off their quilts and things – its sewn over the edges to give a neat finish and comes in all sorts of widths and colours 😀

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