If you need a laugh or to feel better about yourself…



Ya know those cute little fabric buckets that everyone seems to making (perfectly, I may add) on Pinterest lately? I thought I’d give it a shot.

I had some real nice fabric and a very clear and precise tutorial up on the laptop, so really there was nothing that could go wrong. And for any normal person, the answer would be nothing – everything would go perfectly and people would come from afar to admire their perfectly formed, beautiful, magnificent fabric baskets. People have lovingly created glorious fabric baskets for years, no problems, just…perfect.

And then I was born. EVERYONE ELSE’S BASKETS LOOK REALLY STURDY AND MINE JUST LOOKS PLAIN TURDY. I thought I’d be able to use card to stiffen up the bottom and the tops, I even lovingly cut everything to size, I even sewed the actual card inside when I was sewing the border-y looking section.

I don’t even….. what the hell.


Whilst we’re on the subject of failure (which I’ve decided that we are, and it’s totally not what this post was gonna be about, so I guess I FAILED ON THAT ONE AS WELL)


How cute is this top? Pretty cute right?! I got it from Camden a couple years ago but I never wear it ’cause it’s got such a high neckline (I’m quite busty, and these kinds of tee’s don’t look so hot) and the shape of the top itself really just doesn’t suit me – so I decided to attempt to turn it into a tank top…

As I’m sure you can gather from the photo, this snap was clearly going to be the before shot, and then I’d take another to reveal my super hot/cute/runway worthy tank to you all…

The people that have been reading my blog from it’s birth will know that I don’t throw anything away, so it’s now sitting in a drawer and might make an appearance when I need to do some painting or something.

Le sigh.


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