BambiLeigh’s first zipper experience!

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by the title, I’ve never sewn a zip into anything before – until now!


For some reason my Nan had a big box full on zips… they weren’t sewn onto anything, just a big ol’ tub of zips. Since she doesn’t sew any more I kindly relived her of the box (aren’t I the best granddaughter?) as I was sure I’d one day pluck up the courage to tackle the art of zip installation. Which I finally did, clearly.

ImageI’ve got loads of small 14×14″=ish squares laying about so I decided to make a quick little bag, just to test myself. The fabric was only £1.99 for a pack of 4 or 5 squares so if I did everything completely wrong I wouldn’t of wasted any really nice fabric. I still think it’s pretty cute though!

I started by sewing the fabric I was gonna use as lining to the fabric I was gonna use for the outside of the little zipper bag I had in mind… Now I will admit that I’m still a little nooby at this whole ‘bag/pouch’ thing, and I haven’t mastered how to hide the seams on the inside… I’ve got it down for the outside, but it’s all seams galore inside… does that make sense to anybody?

I’m pleased with the finished product… actually I’m quite chuffed! You may notice on the picture below that there’s a different pattern on each side of the bag. I made a little/medium sized mistake there but I don’t think it looks too bad as the base colour on both fabrics is pretty damn similar, if not the same. I also purposely avoided capturing either ends of the zipper in the picture – I wouldn’t say it’s unsightly but… it’s not professional looking in the slightest.


It looks okay right? TELL ME IT LOOKS OKAY!


Let me know what you think!

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