5 reasons I wish I lived in America

Is this a weird thing to blog about? I’ve been thinking recently about places I’d like to go to, but we don’t have them in England.

If you’re thinking this list is going to consist of things like going to the Grand Canyon and the Statue of Liberty and such like… you couldn’t be more wrong my friends. Don’t get me wrong now, if I had the opportunity to see those things I’d jump at the chance to go… but the things on my list are pretty boring (well, I don’t think so) and American’s reading this will probably think I’m a right weirdobeardo.

1) England doesn’t have thrift shops (to my knowledge) and that’s probably why I wanna go – because I can’t. We have a ton ton ton of charity shops but it’s just not the same. British people simply don’t want to part with the awesome stuff that I see videos of people finding in thrift shops. I WANNA BECOME A SUPER NIFTY THRIFTER. *insert thrift shop song*

2) Hobby Lobby. We have no shops like this. We have teeny tiny little craft shops of part of a department store will have a craft section, but it doesn’t have enough choice. I’m not impressed with English thangs right now.

2 1/2) This one doesn’t really bother me too much so it only counts as half, but I wanna be able to call my nightstand a nightstand and a department store a department store without people looking at me like I’m crazay.

3) AMERICAN HOUSES LOOK AMAZING. I know that obviously there’ll be some iffy looking houses dotted about, but American houses in general look pretty cool, and they’re way cheaper than over here.

4) Is it weird to want to go to Walmart? …it feels weird writing it, but I still wanna go. Again, I think that’s just because I can’t.


4 1/2) Same goes for Target.

5) Again, a bit of a silly reason, but I want to be able to go into any store and find these sweet treats… I don’t appreciate hiving to drive miles just to get them.

See, my reasons are pretty lame… maybe I should just go on a big ol’ American shopping trip if I ever go to America… Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana etc. really doesn’t interest me that much.


10 thoughts on “5 reasons I wish I lived in America

  1. darylgstewart says:

    Maybe you could settle for a visit to America. I think your medical delivery system may be superior. When you get to my age, you think about things like that. Did you forget to put Disneyland on your list?

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