BambiLeigh’s first bag making experience!

In this post here, that I was in the process of attempting to make my first bag – and since I’m afraid of my sewing machine, I did it all by hand… so I’m sure you can understand why it took my a couple days to finish.

ImageI was quite nervous about making this bag as I’m really bad at following tutorials, and I didn’t wanna mess up and ruin the fabric – it’s so cute! It’s also kinda funny, I don’t know why it’s like it is, but loads of the words have random letters in them and it’s a bit higgildy piccildy, but I think that’s kinda cute. If you click on the picture to enlarge it and look it the top right hand corner area, just above the larger word ‘strawberry’ that’s upside down, it says Little Bed Riding Bood! The fabric also looks quite white here, but it’s actually a creamy/beige/ivory colour – if that makes sense!

I’m the first to admit that I’m in no way a ‘sewing wizz’ (clearly, I’m afraid of a machine), I may even be a bit crap at crafts and the like, so I’m certain there are many many people out there that could have done a better job than me, but I kinda like it.


I made a couple mistakes, but unless you really study all the stitching you can’t really tell. If you saw me walking down the street with this bag you wouldn’t be able to tell that there was anything out of place, or just generally sewn wrong.

I’ve only used it once so far and it hasn’t fallen apart, so I guess that’s good, right? Although I did put my camera in the inside pocket and the pocket started to fall off… but I’d only tacked it on, so I guess that’s my own fault. All is fixed now though!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Also, if anyone’s got any handy bag making tips then please share!

Side note: Anyone remember that quilt I was making? Well I’ve finally sewn the front, batting and back together – and I used my machine! I’ve trimmed off the edges and the binding is going to be attached tomorrow. I’m so nearly finished!!


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