5 things I thought I’d invented

You know when you have the most amazing idea, you’ve worked it all out in your head and it seems pretty much fool proof and then you get home and realise that someone’s already beat you to it? Welcome to my world. I could be a millionaire by now if only I’d of been a bit quicker of the mark.


1) I don’t know how hot it’s gotten over the last week where you guys are, but 31C just isn’t working for me. I’m overheating just trying to get the ice out of the ice tray. And I’m actually considering walking everywhere again, my car is a no go zone – it’s disgustingly hot. If I could stay inside 24/7 until the weather cools off a bit I would, but alas, there are things to be done.

So how do you keep cool whilst running about on your daily errands? An ice vest. That’s how. Thinking about it, the ice would melt pretty quickly and it’d make you look pretty bulky… but the person who invented this baby obviously didn’t give much thought to the finer details. Heat stroke maybe?


2) And you know when you’re at a restaurant and you don’t know how to pronounce whatever it is that you want? And when the waiter keeps coming over and you’re still not ready to order? And just think of how many grimy hands have been all over those menus. Solution? Interactive menus. So it’d be a bit like an iPad, but everyone will have a an interactive menu in front of them and you can simply tap and confirm what you want.

Everyone I talk to about this thinks I’m a bit mental, but I honestly think it’s a good idea! Of course there’s a few kinks in the plan that would have to be sorted out – like will the waiter confirm your order on their own touchpad thingy? Would you pay as normal or could you do that through the table too? I’ve had a look online and some restaurants have interactive menus, but they aren’t built into the table…. but still, I guess someone beat me there too.

3) Having to choose whether to sit on a wet bench or stand up in the shoes that are literally killing you – annoying right? How about a reversible bench?! Too late. It’d be pretty frustrating if it was still raining when the person before you flipped the bench, so both sides would end up being wet.Image


4) Don’t you hate it when someone messes with the settings on the toaster, and your toast ends up burnt or under cooked? Solution? Glass toaster. Too late!

This is a good idea though – you can watch it cook! I want one of these bad boys… although it seems you can only do one bit of toast at a time, so if you usually have two slices the first one will be cold and/or soggy by the time your second slice is done.


5) Hate having to share an umbrella? Me too. You always seem to get absolutely soaked and it’s your umbrella Brolli for two?


I could be so so amazing unbelievably rich.


Let me know what you think!

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