Touchy subject?

Now, this is something I haven’t mentioned on here before, but I love Twilight. Passionately. I admit that I’m one of those annoying fan girls that will willingly defend Twilight ’til the very end. Go ahead – make fun of me, I really don’t care.

I do however think the books are way better than the films, but that didn’t/doesn’t stop me crying uncontrollably whilst watching Breaking Dawn part two. I had to leave the cinema to avoid the crowd seeing me sobbing… and then I cried all the way home. Then had a conversation about the film and cried… then watched the DVD and cried… I won’t judge you if you leave me a judgemental comment down below.

The reason I titled this post touchy subject is because I’m about to say something about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and it’s not all good… Just hold on to your panties a sec and put the meat cleaver down before you verbally beat me to a virtual death, therefore banning me from my own blog and the internet itself all together…

I do like them both and think they did a good job in 4 of the films… Twilight being the one that kinda failed. I think Kristen Stewart became a much better Bella than she portrayed in the first film, but I don’t think that’s due to her acting skills… she has one character, one face, one tone of voice – and that’s the Bella Swan. She’s absolutely awful in every other film I’ve seen her in, but at least she did a wonderful Bella.
I went for a compliment sandwich there… did it work?

And now, the main reason for this post (which actually started out as a couple of lines and a picture) was to briefly talk about Rob Pattinson. I really do like the way he played Edward and I wouldn’t change anything about that role or who played it… now I’ve seen it. But if Stephanie Meyer would have come to me for advice on who should play Edward (things like this often happen in my strange sideways world – it’s a bit like Lost’s sideways world… but that’s a whole other post right there) I would have told her that no guy could play the role better than this fella:


For those of you who know who this is: feel free to congratulate me on my fantastic idea that really should have been a reality. I think we should all pummel this idea into our kids, who then pummel the idea into their kids, so that in the future Twilight can be remade using our main man as Edward. Someone should also build an effective human freezer so he stays looking the way he does now… no one wants a wrinkly Edward Cullen… that’d be a whole different story line…



For those of you who have no clue who this is: SHAME ON YOU. If I could get hold of a dunce hat, come to your home, make you wear it and dance around you with a bunch of other Booth fans whilst we laugh at your ignorance – I would. No doubt about that.
Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present to you – Douglas Booth. If you haven’t seen BBC’s Great Expectations, do yourself a favour and get hold of the box set, or watch it online. You will not regret it. It’s an absolutely beautiful programme and didn’t get the credit and recognition that it truly does deserve; not only for being an incredible drama, but also for bringing this beautiful man into my life.

As I said, this was meant to be a short post, but I felt that I had to really do everything I could to get my point across. And boy am I glad I did. I’m pretty sure there’s a few ladies out there who are thankful too 😉

Image PS: You’re welcome ❤


4 thoughts on “Touchy subject?

  1. Pretty Lady Baby says:

    Okay! As soon as I type this post I am calling my Mom so we can get started. We watch shows together …even though we live FAR away. Did you get your package yet? There is a surprise in there for you! I can’t want for you to see it!

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