Very wishlist!

I don’t know what’s with me lately, but all I want to do is go and buy new clothes (obviously that’s not possible). All the clothes in my wardrobe just aren’t doing it for me anymore! So, this is gonna be similar to my asos wishlist post – these are the things I wish I could buy!


I’ve been looking at this dress for a looooong time (its not new at all). It’s part of Holly Willoughby’s collection, designed especially for very, and it’s just the cutest dress I’ve seen throughout her entire collection, I love the little bunnies!

Holly Willoughby Printed Rabbit Dress – £39


How ‘foxy’ is this?! Ahahaha…no?

Well I like it.

South Lace Insert Day Dress – £25


I think this shirt is pretty cute, and I’d probably wear it tucked into a skater skirt with my Spiked Damsels – but look at her hand?! I’m sensing photoshop…

Myleene Klass Spot Print Shirt – £35

ImageYou can never have too many skater skirts! I like the fact that this one seems more high waisted than the one I have, so this is actually pretty high on my wishlist – I love the top the model’s wearing with it too!

So Fabulous Ponte Skater Skirt – £18
So Fabulous Printed Sleeveless Blouse – £22


6 thoughts on “Very wishlist!

  1. Janneke says:

    I love the neckline of the bunny dress! Its not really my colour or print, but the neckline is cute anyways! Maybe I will copycat this and make one myself 😛

  2. Simply Knots says:

    I love the printed rabbit dress! I dream that I will get a whole new wardrobe in one day, but I know that’s not realistic. 😉 I settle for wearing my high school clothes until the holes are noticeable and then I splurge on a cheap article after I throw a few away…

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