Beat the snow!

Don’t you hate it how the whole country grinds to an immediate stop when we get a bit of snow? I know that this year it’s meant to be quite a bit worse than previous years (if you haven’t heard, read about it here), so let’s not take that warning for granted!
Now, I’m not saying that we should all sprint to Tesco and buy anything we can get our hands on, but it wouldn’t hurt chucking a couple cans of de-icer and an ice scraper in your car – ya know, just incase.

But I think we should definitely get our wardrobes winter ready. I’m completely unprepared. I have no boots (well I do, but the zips broke so they’re a nightmare to get on and off) and I have no clue where my coat is… I’m gonna be screwed when the snow gets here!


Take these boots for example, you probably won’t be seeing them on the runway any time soon, but you definitely won’t be getting frostbite this year. They’re actually wellies, but they’re perfect for all winter weather.

I love that you’ve got all the protection of the wellie style round the toes and heel, but you don’t get that same heavy duty, restricting material round your calves making them super comfortable. And they’re fur lined!

I found these one ebay for £21.95 – find them here.


How fabulous is this coat? Glorious. Just glorious.

It’s a little pricey, but I’m sure you can find a cheaper version! If you found a lovely pair of quilted look boots and wore them with this coat and a coloured pair of jeans like the model…oh god, just.. so good.

Find them on very for £80 here.


You can’t beat a good ol’ beanie – the model clearly doesn’t agree though. I actually really like this hat, it’s a nice autumnal colour and it’s not fussy.

This beanie’s only £7 from asos, so there’s absolutely no need for chilly ears this winter.

Find it here.


How festive is this!

When onesies first became a ‘big’ thing I hated them. I mean really hated them. But I figure as long as you don’t go outside in them, it’s okay. I won’t judge you for wanted to wear a massive baby grow to keep you nice and warm in bed.

This one has a lovely festive print and is currently on sale in New Look for £15 – find it here.


I’m in love with this jumper.

I want it so bad. For £12 it’s just ridiculous for me not to buy it – I just can’t get to a primark!


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