5 must have items for beating that cold!

I’ve recently got over a pretty bad cold – I actually think it may have been the cold to end all colds – and I wish someone had posted a list like this to help get me through! I’m not offering any ground-breaking cures here, but these things sure did help me!

1) Tissues. Obviously. Everyone needs tissues when they have a cold (unless you like all that crap dripping down your mush), but make sure you get the right tissues! For the first few days I was just using normal Kleenex ones because I though they were the best ones we had at work, but my muggy head prevented me from seeing the balsalm ones!
There was absolutely no need for my nose to get that red and dry! They’re pretty much like a chapstick for your nose, and probably the only bit of comfort you’ll feel throughout your cold. Make sure you have a packet on you at all times. And one next to your bed. And one at work. And one next to the sofa. And one in the car… Make that several packets.

2) Lemsip.  When I was a kid I absolutely hated Lemsip, and pretty much refused to drink it. But I’ve now discovered that if you put two teaspoons of sugar in the lemon flavoured ones it’s actually pretty delightful.. Not nearly as glorious as the honey and cinnamon ones though! Just be sure not to drink more than the recommended daily allowance… I drank 7 in the space of 3 hours and I think I ended up feeling worse than before..

3) A chapstick. My lips get so damned dry and I have no clue why – they start cracking and peeling, its a disgrace. So make sure you opt for a good chapstick. If you don’t your lips will still look terrible, even when the cold’s finally gone.

4) A gentle moisturiser. Don’t get me wrong, the balsalm tissues are really good – but they’re not miracle workers. Make sure you have a SUPER gentle moisturiser for your nose just to help keep dry skin under control as much as possible. I even put some on my upper lip!

5) And finally, pillows. If you have to choose between staying at work infecting your colleagues and possibly dying or coming home to rest – definitely come home.. And don’t use jut one pillow – not even two. Use as many pillows as you feel is neccessary to help prop yourself up. You don’t need to be sitting upright, but just make sure you’re slightly upright. You’ll find it a lot easier to breathe, and therefore easier to sleep. Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow, right?


Let me know what you think!

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