DIY envelope closure pillowcases

Hey guys! I should apologise for being absent for so long… again… but I’ve said it so many times I’m just gonna skip that bit!

I’ve got a bit of time off of work and thought I ought to use some of that time to do something productive! I really wanted some new scatter cushion style pillows to go on my bed, so I picked up some pillow forms from my local pound store (please, don’t ask me how much they were) and picked out some co-ordinating fabrics that I had in my stash.Image
ImageSince I’d never made pillowcases before I googled the best method that I should be using, and envelope closure seemed the simplest for my first try so that’s what we’ve ended up with! The tutorial I found said that if I had an 18×18 pillow form (which I did) I should use a 19×19 piece of fabric for the front, and a 19×13 and a 19×14 for the flip side (the two pieces would overlap, therefore forming the envelope closure)… but as you can see by the blue flowery pillow, it ended up being too big for the pillow! Look at all that extra fabric!

And so I used my own measurements for the next two! I did 16×16 for the front piece and 16×13/16×14 for the other side. I know it doesn’t sound like it would work but I like pillowcases to fit nice and snug – which these do!

The process was a lot easier than I thought it would be – you just need to hem one long side of the smaller pieces of fabric and then sew the whole thing together, making sure the two hemmed sides overlap somewhere near the middle of the cushion – insert your cushion and you’re done! I never realised it was so simple!


Not only did I successfully finish all 3 pillows – I also got to use this adorable fabric I’ve had stashed away for forever! The flip side is the exact same shade of pink, with half the fabric being covered in tiny white polkadots and the other piece being pink and white striped!

I wish I could make more, but the pound store are out of pillow forms and, believe it or not, there is actually a limit to the amount of cushions one can have on their bed.


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