Hi guys!
I ventured into town the other week to try and find a good face mask. I usually use the cheap ones that you get in the single use pouches but I felt it was time to finally buy a nice one!

I would have loved a lush one, but I don’t have one near me and I didn’t want to have to drive to another town, find a parking spot, pay for the parking and then probably get suckered into buying half the products in lush when all I wanted was a face mask! I find it a pain that you have to keep them in the fridge too.

I couldn’t find anything in Superdrug, so I went into Boots and after a lot of browsing I finally settled on the Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed. I liked the fact that it said it was self heating! I can imagine that I’ll really enjoy that feature in the winter! It is also designed for oily/combination skin, which is perfect for me. DSCN0874

“It deep cleans, melts away pore-plugging sebum and softens keratinised skin cells to prevent breakouts and blemishes. Just massage on, and stop when the paste changes from yellow to blue.

No Clogs Allowed™ is perfect for weekly use on areas prone to blackhead build-up, or more often as a deep-oil-emulsifying, detoxifying face mask and all-round scrubby WONDER!”

The product comes in a squeezy tube and the instructions say to shake it before use. The first few times I did this a bunch of liquid come out first when I squeezed it. Now I’ve discovered that you should just give the tube a bit of a squeeze before you take the cap off – it works better than shaking; how can you even ‘shake’ a tube?!

You’re meant to massage a grape sized amount onto your face, then wet your hands and massage some more until the product turns blue and you feel it start to heat. Wait 5 minutes, and wash off. I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or whats happening, but it starts heating as soon as I start rubbing it on my face, I don’t even need to wet my hands! It doesn’t feel like it’s still heating when I stop rubbing either.

I think this product is mainly aimed at defeating blackheads, but it does work with standard spots and blemishes too. I always have those annoying spots that stay under the skin on my forehead, and for the first time in ages they’re all gone! I have had a couple breakouts since I’ve been using this, but I don’t think it’s the cause. When I use the Peaches N Clean by Soap & Glory I get severe breakouts, but I’ve only got a few with this, so I think it’s more my skin rebelling than the product doing it.DSCN0875

All in all I think this product does what it says on the box, but I wouldn’t say I can’t live without it. It has to prove itself a bit more before it becomes a holy grail for me. I am using it weekly, as instructed, but if I don’t see a real improvement in my skin by the time it’s empty, I can’t say I’ll rebuy it.
It is a nice step to add into my skincare routine mid-week though!




  1. SirensWay says:

    My mother and sister swear by Skinn by Dimitri James. It’s called Skinn Vacuum Deep Pore Cleansing Mask. I use it as a spot treatment on my cheeks and mom said any mask should be used initially every day for at least seven days. After that it’s safe to use once or twice a week for maintenance.

    My skin is sensitive and acne prone to the point of absurdity! Can’t wait to hear if your new mask reaps awesome results.

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