Does anyone else get really frustrated with their nail varnish storage? I hardly ever wear nail varnish on my fingers because of my job, and I only ever wear red on my toes – so I’m not really sure why I have as much varnish as I do!

For ages I had all my nail varnishs in a clear clippy box which wasn’t only ugly, but it was difficult to find the shade that I wanted. My plan at first was to find a spice rack to hang on the wall so I could find what I wanted easier and it would look a lot better than that damned box! So I had a look on eBay, but you’d be suprised how expensive they are! £20 for a spice rack?! No no no. I kept checking just in case one popped up that was within my budget, but it’d been months and I still hadn’t found anything!

I then went shopping in a different town tot he one I live and went into a shop called Store Twenty One Home (it used to be BWise for all you Brits!) and I found the cutest little solution! It looks a bit like half of a birdcage with an open front, and it has two little shelves inside – it’s like it was made for nail varnish!
I’m not really sure why, but I didn’t buy it. It was £9.99, which isn’t too bad, and it was perfect for what I wanted, but I still walked away.
Later that day I decided that I definitely wanted it so I went into the Store Twenty One in my town, but they only have the home section upstairs (the rest is clothes) and they didn’t have it! They had almost everything that was in the other store except that! So, you can guess what happened. I drove all the way back and bought it – I’m mental aren’t I?


I’m so glad I bought it though. I haven’t gone all out and organised everything by colour, but I’ve put my most used red shades at the front so they’re easier to grab. Almost everything in my bedroom is white and everything is in a style simular to the shelves so it fits in perfectly!




Let me know what you think!

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