I’ve got quite a few bits from a store near me called B&M Bargains lately so I thought I’d do a little haul for you guys!

Unfortunately I threw the receipts away so I can’t tell you exactly how much everything was, but I’ll try my best to remember!
First up is the clock – I would have preferred it in white but they didn’t have one. I’m thinking of either spray painting it or painting the numbers in different pastel shades though! I think it was aroung £8. I then bought the little mirrored drawers, which are currently housing some makeup (revised makeup storage on the way – again). The bottom heart shaped handle came off within about two weeks, but it was easily superglued back on. I guess I can’t complain too much as it’s fine now and only cost £4.99.
I then got the little mint coloured plant pot, which usually just has my ear buds, iPod and USB in it, and it was only £1.99. I also got the cute little vintange style pedal bin for about £6.

Next up was the bits n bobs jar for £3.99. I had a few odd makeup products in it at one point but it looked a bit messy so it’s empty at the moment. I think the bird cage style candle holder was about £7 – I don’t see how you can light a candle without burning the top of the cage though, so I’m just using it as a decorative object. The little heart mirror was roughly £3, and just adds a bit of interest to a little bit of empty wall.


I didn’t want to take a picture of the frame on my wall as it obviously has personal photos in it, but I found a picture of the exact one I have. I think it was approximately £8.

The last two things I bought were the mirrors below. I think the wall hung one was £10 and the dressing table one was £20. The styles of them aren’t exactly the same, but they’re both quite ornately decorated so they don’t look odd being in the same room. I love everything to be white! The chest that the large mirror is on is the only peice of furniture in my room that isn’t white!


You should definitely check out their website (linked at the beginning of the post) and see if they have a store near you! They also do food, holiday decorations, furniture, kitchen accesories and appliances.


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