I went to B&M Bargains again! I could spend so much money in that shop, I can’t go down one aisle without seeing something I want.

They do a  range called ‘Vintage Home’ and if I see anything with one of those labels on I have to refrain from buying it – especially since the range is so large. I’d have no money and no room in my house – especially since the range includes furniture as well as homeware. Luckily my lovely Mummy bought these for me – she knows I can’t resist jars and various white things!

First of is the little set of drawers with heart shaped handles. This was £5.99, the draws aren’t very big but it will be good for earrings, bobby pins etc. Next is the jar with the red checkered ribbon for £1.99. It fits makeup brushes in it quite nicely but I have quite a few so they’re packed in a bit too tightly for my liking, I’m not sure what else to put in it at the moment. Then I found the white wicker candle holder for £2.99. The glass jar inside comes out and I’m pretty sure you could fit a Yankee Candle inside if you so wished!

I broke my last spinning ashtray which was also a retro looking theme, so I picked up this other one for £1.49. The jar would be brilliant for holding cotton wool, flour or something similar. I guess you could put anything in there! As you can see by the label it was £1.99 or3 for £5 – but all the jars on the offer were the same pattern! 😦
I really need to stop buying jars… I just had a quite scan round my room and I counted 15, including these new ones. I have a problem, don’t I?


I think these are the most exciting things I found. If you’ve been here a while or know me at all you’ll know that I like retro/vintage-y looking things. ARE’NT THESE BRILLIANT! They were £6.99 for the set of 3! I knew I had to get these when I saw them because I’ll never find anything similar for such a bargain price again. Although B&M stocks a lot of ‘my style’ stuff I’ve never seen anything like these in there before. They also had mugs that matched pretty well but I’ve got loads of mugs already. I’ll have to see what other kitchen ware they have next time I go in. I’m getting quite a collection of little bits and bobs for when I move!



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