I don’t know about you guys but I could spend hours on eBay, and I do, frequently. So I thought it’d be a bit of fun to pick a few things off my watch list and share them!

I found these plates last night, and I think they’re pretty adorable. As you can see below it’s £14.99 for the set of four with free post and package. It’s still a couple weeks until payday for me, so I added them to watch list in hopes that I’ll have enough spare to get them. But by that point I may have put my sensible head on and talked myself out of it!
And anyway, it says that there’s only 6 sets left with 22 watchers… so other eBayers may have made the choice for me when the time comes!

plates ebay

I love Yankee Candle as much as the next person. They smell gorgeous and there’s so many options out there. But have you ever heard of Village Candle? I almost hate to say it, but they’re so much better. I only have one Village Candle, in the scent Vanilla Caramel Swirl and it’s nearly out so I’m on the hunt for a new one.
They’re a little cheaper than Yankee’s and have a double wick, rather than a single. Whenever I burn a Yankee I stop smelling it after about 10 minutes as they don’t burn too strong, but with a Village candle you can smell it the whole time it’s burning, but it’s not too over powering.
I’m not sure where you can find them in the shops, I found mine on a market stall. I was a bit dubious about it as first because a) it was off of a market and b) I love Yankee and awful lot, but I’m definitely sold. Theres loads on eBay in various sizes for various prices, so go buy yourself one! (buy one for me while you’re at it!)

plates ebay

How cute are these kitchen scales?! When I added them to my watch list last night there was about 15 left, and now there’s only one! So whilst it’s highly unlikely I’ll get these exact scales for this price I’m confident that I’ll find another set pretty similar.

plates ebay

I’m after some cute lights to wrap around my bed frame and after some hunting I found these, which I love! Theres loads of choices on eBay (isn’t there always) but these are my favourites so far. I’m not sure if I want lights that you plug in or put batteries in though. I’m a bit short on plug sockets so I might have to find a set similar to these that are battery operated.

plates ebay

I saved the best ’til last! I wasn’t going to include this because I’m certain that someone will outbid me, but it’s delivered by courier and I’m not sure how much that would be… but isn’t it gorgeous! I have pretty much all the furniture I need for when I move into my own place, but it occured to me last night I don’t have any where to put my Me To You Bears. I was collecting them a few years ago and stopped because I was short on space, but obviously when I move I want to take them with me, but I don’t have anywhere to put them! At the moment they are all in a display cabinet, but it’s not mine so I can’t take it with me.
I spent a good half hour last night on eBay pricing up various cabinets (all in whote, of course) and I found this one and had to bid straight away. As I said, I KNOW I’m going to be outbid, but hopefully I can find one similar in the future!

plates ebay

I like posts like these that give you a peek into other people’s wants! What’s on your watch list?



Let me know what you think!

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