I know I’ve done a couple of baking posts recently so I was planning on doing something different for you guys, but this is too special not to share!
I made some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies the other day (which were amazeballs I’d like to add), and I was planning on making some more so I went and bought a couple of jars of peanut butter – then i didn’t feel like making them! So I grabbed a cookery book and started hunting for different recipes and ended up with these brownies. They taste absolutely incredible, probably partly because of how unhealthy they are!

225g crunchy peanut butter                   3 medium eggs
200g dark chocolate                                  100g self raising flour
280g soft light brown sugar


First off you want to set aside 50g of the peanut butter and 50g of the chocolate and save them for later – you’re going to drizzle them over the top! Heat your oven to GM4 and line a 20cm square baking tin. If you don’t have one this size just wad up some baking paper so the mixture stays in the shape you want!



Then you melt the peanut butter, chocolate and the sugar in a pan until the sugar has pretty much melted. I did this using a bain marie technique but I’m pretty sure you could just wack it in a normal saucepan – I think it’d be quicker that way too! It took about 30-40 minutes in the bain marie, no exaggeration. Does that look strangely appealing or is it just me…?


When everything’s all melted together you should have something that looks a little like the picture below, top left. Then you need to take it off the heat and beat in your eggs, one by one (top right). Then you can pour everything in the tin! Remember that peanut butter we put to the side earlier? Yeah, find that and shove it in the microwave so it’s all melted and runny and lovely, and then drizzle it over the top. Mine didn’t feel like drizzling… it just kind of splodged on there, but it’s fine! Baking is not meant to be perfect people!
Now you need to pop it in your preheated oven for 30-35 minutes until it’s a bit crusty around the edges but it still seems slightly uncooked in the middle. So when you stick something in the middle it should come out with a bit of mixture on it, not clean like when you’re testing a sponge.


When you take it out melt the rest of your chocolate that we saved earlier and drizzle it over the top. Leave the brownie to cool and then cut it into portions! I cut mine into 20 decent sized peices! Doesn’t it look amazing?!




Let me know if you give these a go!

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Let me know what you think!

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