It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a good old fashioned wishlist for you guys, and I refuse to shop at ASOS anymore because I think it’s way too pricey (and I can never pick just one thing, so shit gets expensive), so this really is a WISH list – not just a list of things that I like and will probably end up buying!

CUTE. I love this shirt. I really really want it, but theres no way I’m paying that much for it. And if I think about it with a reasonable head on, I’d only ever wear it with a skater skirt, I don’t like that it’s cropped and I don’t like that it’s long sleeved. I think it’s on this wishlist simply because the pattern is adorableee.


DAT DRESS DOE. I wear way too many dark colours, so I love that this is covered in little yellow bows – it’d look great with tights and boots! I know it’s Oasis – but £45 for a dress? No thanks.


I feel I shouldn’t like this shirt… but I really do. Even though I know the second I put it on I’ll look about 4 sizes bigger than I am… I just want it, okay?


I don’t know why I’ve fallen for this bag as much as I have… it’s just a black bag?! I must be able to find this bag cheaper somewhere…


And lastly, this. Why? I don’t know, just looks comfy.


Before I leave you, look at these odd bags I found! And if you head over to ASOS any time soon, go and check their hats out – they have a bobble hat with a veil attached… what?



5 thoughts on “ASOS WISHLIST

  1. imogenmcp says:

    These are all the items I picked out recently! I’m trying not to spend thought *sigh* I totally agree with the Kellogs top. I was like oh my gosh I need that in my life, but it’s so not right. It’d make me look huuuuge and manly. Ah well! I’m currently trying to not buy these babies an I’m not sure how long I will last.

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