I actually bought these bits a couple of weeks ago but I haven’t been sleeping lately so I’ve been a bit zombie like – sorry for the delay!

As you can see in the picture above, I got Collection2000’s trusty concealer (in the shade fair 1 FYI). I seriously love this stuff. I have a vein that is really close to the surface of my right under eye area so it often looks as if I have a black eye and this is the only stuff that covers it enough for my liking. Boing by Benefit covers it too, but I don’t like using it on a daily basis because of the price. I work in care people – I’m always broke!

The other 3 items are all from a new brand called Revolution. I’ll be honest, I went into Superdrug with the intention of quickly grabbing the Collection concealer, saw there was a new brand and got carried away… Luckily it’s really purse friendly! I really want to go back and get some more of their products to try out but I’m going to have to wait until pay day I’m afraid 😦
I knew nothing of Revolution before I saw them in store, so I took to the interweb to do a bit of research (I like to be in the know). I found an article on the daily mails website – read the full article here. Basically, Makeup Revolution is a 300 product strong brand that PROMISES to match high end products on variety and quality. Everything in the brand costs between £1 and £12..
I didn’t have too long to browse, but from what I saw they had a TON of eyeshadow palettes, nail varnishes, eye foils, lipglosses, bronzers, blushers – pretty much everything! They even had brush cleaning products which I have never seen in Superdrug and it was only £5!

The first thing I snatched up was the eyeshadow palette on the far left which is called the Redemption Palette – Romantic Smoked and costs £4. From what I understand this is a best seller and I can totally see why! It has 12 shades in pearl, shimmer and matte which are all highly pigmented which is unusual for a budget brand!



Look at that shimmerrrrr! They blend really nicely too, which is always a bonus. I have sensitive eyes so the less blending I have to do the happier I am. The packaging is also a good quality and I’m happy to report that I actually dropped this palette – lid open – and none of the shadows crumbled! The only con that I can find is that it comes with one of those pesky applicators! I hate those things!


The next palette I picked up was one of the Salvation Palettes (a 5 palette line) in Run Boy Run for £6. I quite wanted one of the other Salvation Palettes in Day Of The Dead simply because I loved the packaging! But I knew I wouldn’t use those colours enough and got this one instead, which was lucky because the palette itself doesn’t actually have that design on it!


This palette contains 18 shades – 12 shimmer and 6 matte which all have names! That’s another thing you don’t often find with drugstore products! I was going to try and do swatches of everything for you guys but the photos don’t really do the shadows justice, they photo better in the pan.




Last is the bronzer! Something I did notice when I was looking is that they do a shimmer bronzer AND a matte bronzer… A few months ago I was looking for a matte one and couldn’t find one in the whole shop!
I ended up going with one of the baked bronzers in Ready To Go which costs £4 and I love it. I have a few bronzers but they’re not something that I can use on a daily basis because they don’t look ‘natural’ and the majority of the ones I have make my neck itch! But not this one. I’m really pale so I have to use a light hand with it, but it is buildable and blends out lovely. One of the great things about it is that there isn’t too much shimmer in it – if I wanted to look like a disco ball I’d slap a load of highlighter on. And it doesn’t irritate my skin! WINNING.


It isn’t as orange as it looks in the picture – promise!

I really want to try their eye collection, blush and individual eyeshadows… actually, I want to try it all! You can find Revolution online but I’d say it’s far better to go into store! I’m really excited about this brand, so if you haven’t heard of it – you’d better scuttle off to town!


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