First off, if you’re saying “what’s Makeup Revolution?!” – go read this post

We’ll wait for you.
Now you’re caught up (and where have you been?!), I’ve just been having a little nosey on some other people blogs and came across a post from a girl who was talking about e.l.f’s Disney range – which looks incredible, may I add. So I headed on over to they’re website to see exactly what they were offering and for how much. Obviously as e.l.f is an American brand I can’t just go to town and have a look. Anyway, long story short: I couldn’t find the Disney line (boo) but I was amazed at how cheap they’re products were (and if you covert the prices from $ to £ they’re even cheaper!). Then I started thinking about the palettes I got from Makeup Revolution so I headed on over to their website and got carried away adding things into my imaginary shopping basket. I picked 19 products and ‘spent’ £65.49. I also did the same on the e.l.f site and ended up picking 19 products which came to just over £90… woah.

*Takes a small breather*

I thought the products on the e.l.f site were okay, but I actually really want all of the products that I picked out on Makeup Revolution! I’ve been really impressed with the palettes and bronzer and have been using them on a daily basis – so why wouldn’t I want more?!

I won’t share all of the items on my wishlist with you (they’re mine!) but I’ll never forgive myself if I don’t feature this palette. I’m already crazy about it and I don’t even own it… How perfect for Halloween!! And it’s only £6!

mr gtn

I really think you should check this brand out! And I’m not been paid to say this – I really mean it!


Let me know what you think!

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