Similar to my ASOS wishlist (here), this really is a wishlist. Charlotte Russe don’t ship to the UK! I’m pretty gutted – they have some really nice stuff! If you live in the US, go to the website, buy everything I’ve listed and think of me when you wear it!

This cute little set is what made me go to the website in the first place. I was on Polyvore and was trying to find a nice bracelet or something to finish off the outfit and saw this. I really liked it and noticed it wasn’t too expensive even in dollars so it’d be even cheaper in pounds! Obviously they’re not going to be solid gold (duh) so I don’t know how much wear you could get out of them before they started to look a bit shabby, but for the price I don’t think you can really go wrong!


I posted an outfit from Polyvore the other day with a Charlotte Russe bag so I thought I’d check that out too. I found the one below and I really like it! I’ve never used a backpack before, I’m not sure why! I’m a bit weird with bags, so I don’t know if I’d actually buy it if I could… but I then I guess £18.20 isn’t bad!


I really love the ripped, ragged looking boyfriend jeans at the moment. I have one pair that i got from Matalan a while ago but they’re too big! I did try them on before I bought them, but you don’t really have the option to walk around in them in a changing room do you? They’re fine as long as I’m standing still! They fit nice on the leg, just not the waist. Anyway… this pair looks lovely!

crjThis cardigan looks so comfortable!! There’s not much you can say about a cardigan really is there? Apart from “I like it?” I like the look of the burgundy one too.


I have a love hate relationship with hats. I always want to wear them when the weather gets cooler, but I overheat pretty easy… and I don’t want to take the hat off and have really bad hat hair. And I think sometimes it completely matters what your hair looks like even though you have a hat on! Whatever, I just like this one.



Let me know what you think!

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