And maybe didn’t want to know – certainly some of them! I hadn’t been planning this post, but I was having a look around online to see if I could get hold of some of the Disney makeup products and brushes (I’m not sure I can at this point, certainly not the Disney villain set) and I stumbled across a few pages that had some Disney facts that I was quite shocked about!
I’ll leave a link to the sites at the bottom of the post so you can go and check them out (there’s loads!), but I thought I’d just tell you the ones I found most suprising!


Ever notice how the characters in the early Disney films don’t have mothers….? Now, this isn’t a solid fact – but it is suggested that this is because of the death of their creators mother! He bought a home for his parents using the profits from Snow White but there was a fault in the heating system which led to his mother, Flora Disney, dying of carbon monoxide poisoning. I’d never heard that before! And how terribly sad if it’s true.
(Also, I beg you never to type ‘Bambi sad’ into Google. I’m sure I don’t need to explain why)

The guy in charge of supervising the animation of Beast for Beauty and the Beast went to the zoo for inspiration! The Beast is made up of the mane of a lion, the head and horns of a buffalo, the eyebrows of a gorilla, the tusks of a wild boar, the upper body of a bear and the legs and tail of a wolf! No wonder no one could ever work out what kind of animal he was meant to be!

I think this ones quite funny! The Lion King was originally going to be called ‘King of the Jungle’ until someone realised that lions don’t live in jungles! And the roars you hear in the film aren’t actualy roars from a lion – they’re a tigers! If you think about it, lions don’t really roar as such, they kind of grumble at each other!

The guy that provided the voice for Eeyore also did Optimus Prime in Transformers! Now I know why I kept thinking of Winnie The Pooh when I saw the first Transformers film!

Beyone refused to audition for the role of Princess Tiana in Princess and the Frog. Instead she expected to be given the role immediately without reading the part! We all know that she wasn’t the voice of Tiana – it was her co-star Anika Noni Rose from Dreamgirls! Alicia Keys also lost out on the role even though she auditioned three times!


There’s so so so many more odd little facts and stories about the films, theme parks (there’s a basketball court hidden under a ride!) and Walt Disney himself that I wanted to include, but I’ll just leave the links so you can see for yourself!

90 facts you didn’t know about Disney
63 magical Disney facts


Let me know what you think!

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