Heeeeey yooooou guyyyyyythhh! The Goonies isn’t scary is it? That’s the first thing that came into my head!

Let’s move on… If you’re not going out this Halloween (very smart of you) and you’re just planning to have a few friends over why not watch one of these horrors! I’m going to do a post every day for 5 days of my top horror movies! Some of you may not find my top picks very scary but… well, I’m a wuss. All of the films I’m going to feature I have actually seen, even if I was watching through an open knit cardi.

We’ll start off with the weirdest/scariest/most screwed up film I think I’ve ever seen. If you’ve seen my halloween tag that was published yesterday, you’ll have heard of this film before. I said it was probably my favourite horror film, and even went on eBay right then and there and bought it on DVD! Although I may regret that later…


Insanitarium came out in 2008 and I’m pretty sure the only reason I watched it is because my friends forced me to, but I must have liked it on some weird level because I’ve seen it several times and now have it on DVD…
It got a bit of bad press, but for a horror film it’s not bad. It’s no Paranormal Activity or The Exorcism, but it’s still a pretty good film to freak you out! Still not sold? Jesse Metcalfe is the main character.

The basic plot is that a guy (Metcalfe) gets himself sent to the loony bin on purpose to try and help his sister escape. They then realise that the main doctor man has been giving the patients an experimental drug which makes them become… not themselves. I don’t want to give it away!

I will give you one spoiler though. There’s this scene where Jesse and other characters are outside and theres this cat… that they get hold of…
I can pretty much watch every scene (just about), but the one with the cat I even have to cover my ears. It’s not nice.
Oh, and if you’re a guy – there’s a scene that you may want to leave the room for… you’ll know when it’s coming.

  You’re more then welcome to go and read some reviews, although I don’t recommend it as they’ll be major spoilers! One site said this: “The plot is admittedly pretty run of the mill. In fact, the film is little more than a pastiche of elements from other movies. A good chunk of 28 Days Later, a little Silence of the Lambs, some One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, even a splash or two of the insane asylum scenes form Terminator 2 for good measure. Is that a crime? I don’t think it is. The elements could be integrated a little better, but the bottom line is they all work together and the end result is enjoyable.”

So not ground breaking, but still a good watch – especially for halloween! Let me know if you do decide to watch this. I’ve never met anyone (other than the group I watched it with) who has seen it!


Let me know what you think!

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