We’re on to the second instalment of our top 5!

Here’s what you missed yesterday: If you’re not going out this Halloween (very smart of you) and you’re just planning to have a few friends over why not watch one of these horrors! I’m doing a post every day for 5 days of my top horror movies! Some of you may not find my top picks very scary but… well, I’m a wuss.

Right! Well, I don’t think we could consider this a true list of horror films if we didn’t include this!

The Exorcist

I was just on the ol’ Google machine trying to find some decent images to include and got pretty freaked out – I don’t need to watch the film! Go on Google, search The Exorcist on images and then try and sleep. Dare ya.

I’m sure the majority of you have already seen this, but for those of you that are just dipping your toes into the world of horror (careful they don’t get cut off), here’s a quick rundown: The Exorcist was released in 1973! It’s crazy to think I wasn’t born until 20 years after! Anyway, a teenage girl is possessed by a mysterious ‘entity’, her mother seeks the help of two priests to save her daughter… I really don’t need to say much else.

Here’s some interesting facts I found about the film on IMDb!

Upon its initial theatrical release the film affected many audiences so strongly that at many theaters, paramedics were called to treat people who fainted and others who went into hysterics.

William O’Malley has told students that the movie is approximately 80% true. He claims the big discrepancies between the movie and reality were: it was a boy who was possessed, not a girl; the possession did not occur in Georgetown, DC, but outside the city in Maryland; and the color of the “pea-soup vomit” was not green. He claims most everything else in the movie did actually occur.

The bedroom set had to be refrigerated to capture the authentic icy breath of the actors in the exorcising scenes. Linda Blair, who was only in a flimsy nightgown, says to this day she cannot stand being cold.

I definitely will not be watching this on halloween. The pictures have put me off for years!
Have you seen this? Are you planning to watch it on halloween? Let me know! …please? I get lonely…


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