It’s day 3 of our top 5!

Here’s what you’ve missed: If you’re not going out this Halloween (very smart of you) and you’re just planning to have a few friends over why not watch one of these horrors! I’m doing a post every day for 5 days of my top horror movies! Some of you may not find my top picks very scary but… well, I’m a wuss.

Day One
Day Two

I watched this film a long long time ago, so I don’t remember much… I just remember being so scared I was sobbing. I don’t think I was very old!

Thir13en Ghosts

As I said, I watched it a long time ago so I did a little Google search to jog the ol’ brain box (wish I hadn’t of mind you).
There’s a really rich guy who happens to be a ghost hunter and who happens to collect ‘unique’ things… he dies and leaves everything to his nephew and family. They’re quite poor, so obviously they decide to move into the mansion… DUN DUN DUN.

I just read through the whole plot on wiki and it doesnt sound that bad… what I’m able to remember from the actual film is terrifying though. If you’ve seen this film – did you find it scary? Were you scarred for life? Or do you think it’s just one of those things that really gets to one person but doesn’t bother another? Like, my Mum is SUPER scared of Hellraiser, but I found it a bit boring! Let me know!

UPDATE – I tried to watch this last night… We got about 20 minutes in and had to turn it off! I was so scared, it’s worse than I remember!


4 thoughts on “TOP 5 MOVIES TO WATCH THIS HALLOWEEN – Part Three

  1. Karen Rees says:

    Two Words: CAN’T COPE.

    Yet another one of my most terrifying picks – we are too bloody alike!!! Can you imagine the state of us watching these?! I don’t know who would end up worse off lol x

  2. bitchontheverge says:

    One of my all time favourites. I can see why you would get scared, there are some parts that are very “jumpy” but I do love it, I remember it being one of the first ones I saw, it was on VHS, thats how long ago it was.

    • BambiLeigh says:

      As soon as those glass doors started opening I got freaked out… then the weird naked bloody woman was in the bath and I was like I’M SO FUCKING DONE. My boyfriend was cracking up and I stormed out the room like I don’t remember this shit, who the fuck is that fucked up?! Haha!

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