DAY FOURRRRRR. Have you seen the last three posts yet?! WHY NOT?!

Day One
Day Two
Day Three

Here’s what else you’ve missed: If you’re not going out this Halloween (very smart of you) and you’re just planning to have a few friends over why not watch one of these horrors! I’m doing a post every day for 5 days of my top horror movies! Some of you may not find my top picks very scary but… well, I’m a wuss.

Uhhhhhhhhh…. That was my impression of the Grudge… This post was originally about the Grudge, and then I started thinking about how you couldn’t even hide in the safety of your jacket incase she’s in there, and then I started thinking about how day light is no longer safe either because of another film… You following me?


I really don’t want to have to search for pictures of this one…

Whenever I get scared my eyes start watering, and that picture really scares me! If you haven’t seen the film this might be a slight spoiler – you know the scene where they’re all sitting at the table before that other woman comes in to try and help get the boy ‘back’, and that demon thing above appears behind the grandmother? OHMYGODPLEASENO.
Whenever I watch a horror I always relax a little and remove the pillow from my face when it’s daylight in the film, because nothing bad is meant to happen during the day!

…As I’m typing I swear I can see that bloody thing moving out the corner of my eye. I’m going to have to delete it and add the pictures back in at the end. See what I mean when I say I’m a wuss?!

There is also a part two to Insidious… I’m not gonna watch it though. This is the only film I don’t want to watch after writing about it! The other three I quite fancied watching because I hadn’t seen them for a while but this is like, freshly burned into my memory. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore.

Talk to me in the comments – see if I’ve calmed down or something. JUST DISTRACT ME. See you tomorrow!



5 thoughts on “TOP 5 MOVIES TO WATCH THIS HALLOWEEN – Part Four

    • BambiLeigh says:

      Imagine having to search for the pictures! My boyfriends pretty good when it comes to horrors – he just grits his teeth and gets over it but even he had to turn this off!
      It’s so scary, but that means it’s good! You know if a film is made by the guys that did Paranormal Activity you’re gonna need therapy for a few years! x

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