My last eBay wishlist has been so popular that I thought I’d do an updated one! I may even turn this into a monthly thing – like monthly favourites, but a watch/wish list instead! Check out last months here.

I really don’t know how I found this, but I’m glad that I’ve realised that such a thing exists. However, I’m also pretty bummed that I’ll never own it – looka the price of that!! Obviously that price is in US dollars, which converested to UK sterling is £77.79, which isn’t as bad… there’s still no way I could justify spending that amount of money on it though. And it would just sit it a display cabinet! I guess it’s only on my wishlist to remind myself that I’m not the only Disney fanatic.


Next up, spirit gum. Why? You’ll see I’m sure!


I’d say that this next thing is the most exciting thing I’m after, but I’m quite excited by the spirit gum and the teapot…
Has anyone seen this show?! A follower recommended this to me and I watched the entire first season in about 2 days. I’m not even sorry. I found season one on Netflix but they don’t have season two! And it came out in April in the UK! I could find a copy to watch online (ahem, but that’s illegal), so I thought I’d better just buy the second season on DVD. Orphan Black’s the kinda show that I’d end up owning on DVD anyway which is why I’m also watching the first one!


I was having a bit of a mooch around Freeport the other weekend (okay, I went for the cadbury shop) and we popped in to the gift shop up there because they do some really lovely stuff… and look what I found! They had loads of really cute things in there, but I saw this as soon as I walked through the door. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted something so beautifully hidiously unnecessary in my life. I’m never going to be able to afford it, but I added it to my watch list just so I don’t forget it exists.


Prettyyyyyy. I really want this fabric to make either like a mini quilt to go on the wall or one big quilt! I’ve actually got the bottom four fabrics already, but I’ve cut into them and used quite a lot – plus I really want that pretty floral looking one! I quite like yellow and grey together!




  1. Kaily says:

    Awe the teapot set is super cute 🙂 Oh btw tried the gingerbread latte with the extra gingerbread and you were totally right about it 🙂 Very good!

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