I was really unsure about what to call this post – it sounds like I’m about to tell you spiritual tale of… hair.
Anyway…I’ve been trying to grow my hair for about 2 years now and I’ve had quite a struggle with it. Who would have thought it’d be so hard to let something as natural as hair do it’s thing?! My leg hair seems to do just fine on it’s own!

My hair got to a point where no amount of products and hair masks and other goo would help it, so I had to have it cut. I was very brave and didn’t cry – even when she insisted that she had to cut and inch and a half off (that’s a big deal to me!) I found this picture on my instagram of how damaged my hair was the day I got it cut – it was quite long but it just looked awful because it was so dry and dead! (it also looks like I have a double chin going on!)


Ewwwwww. But the nice/mean hair dresser lady cut all the ick off and it was back in a good condition. I’d stopped dying it about 6 months before this (I used to dye it a lot! I went from brown, to bright red, to blonde, to brown!) but I decided to stop using heat tools as well. I rarely just left my hair alone, it was either curly or straight – obviously all done with heat tools.
I didn’t go out and buy a fancy shampoo and conditioner or a growth promoting hair mask (although I do want to try the Lee Stafford one… just not for that price!), I just carried on using whatever hair cleaning products I happened to pick up and I used my Aussie 3 Minute Miracle every now and then. When I got out the shower is when I started using new products.


As I said, I stopped dying my hair quite a while ago now. Before I quit I’d managed to dye my hair a colour that was pretty similar to my natural colour, it was just a little darker. So as my hair started to grow out it looked like I had a slight ombre effect going on, but it was quite clear that I was growing my hair out if I’m honest. I saw this Sunkiss Jelly in my local Boots and picked up a couple tubes just to run through my hair every now and then to try and blend the two colours together… it still looks a bit ombre but it looks a lot better than before!


On the days that I don’t run the jelly through and I’ve washed my hair I use this Moroccan Argan Oil instead. Argan Oil’s nothing new – everyone knows about it so there’s no need for me to explain what it does. I only put this in the ends of my hair though; my hair is really really really thick so it always looks flat… I don’t want to weigh it down! When I’m happy with the length I’ll probably save up a bit of money and go to a salon to get it styled properly!


This stuff is amazing. As it says on the bottle, this is hair mayonnaise. It’s mainly used by people that have natural/afro hair from what I understand, but the first time I found this I was approached by a lovely lady on a market stall who said my hair looked a little dry (she was being polite) and put a tiny amount of this just on the ends. The difference was amazing! I bought a bottle straight away – it made my hair so soft! I’m not sure where you can actually buy this stuff… the market stall was in Colchester but I haven’t seen the stall since, and the only place I’ve seen it in a shop was a little place in Chelmsford that had all sorts of weaves and stuff in it… maybe you could find it on eBay?

Ya know, I don’t care where you get it from – JUST GET IT. You can thank me later. I run a little of this through my hair a couple times a week when it’s dry. I’ve also started heat styling my hair again (just a couple times a month, my hairs up most of the time) so I run this through when I’ve finished with the heat. And if I decide that I’m going to have my hair down the following day I either sleep with my hair in plaits the night before, or I quite often have one big plait for work so then it’s wavy anyway!

You can’t tell how much it’s grown in the pictures below, but you can see that it’s in much better condition!


You don’t even know how difficult it was to take two decent-ish pictures! Most of them turned out like this…


I’m getting totally off topic here, but I love wearing lipstick – I just hate the fact that you can’t make a kissy face without your natural lip colour showing! You know what I mean? Like there’s that area on your lips where you just can’t put lipstick… like this:


And one other thing… I was using a photo editor to make my pictures a bit brighter and I noticed that they had a bunch of cool stuff that you could add into your photos and… well… this happened…



23 thoughts on “MY HAIR ‘JOURNEY’

  1. imogenmcp says:

    I haven’t been reading blogs all week and this was the first I read from my feed today and I’m in fits. So funny. Love this post – reminded me why I love blogging! x

  2. Strange Made Me says:

    This made me giggle so much! I had a similar lipstick rant the other day! I also have the same cactus!!!!!!! I am so excited! Mine has a yellow umbrella though… you have excellent taste 🙂 x

  3. beckinablog says:

    Your hair is so beautiful! Believe me I’m a two year old throwing a tantrum every time I get my hair cut too! Imagine my disdain when I was told four inches would have to go. I’m trying to get mine back in a better condition after a year of bleaching my hair from dark red to blonde. /: ugh I should just get a wig!

      • beckinablog says:

        Wow. I don’t think I could ever go that extreme! Thankfully I had quite a lot of hair to loose that 4 inches didn’t make too much of a dent, but still – so painful! hahah. Now I’m back to growing it out, and getting my hair done at the salon for the first time ever on thursday! No box bleach for me! This bitch has moved up in the world! 😛 x

      • BambiLeigh says:

        Ooooh I love the way your hair feels after going to a salon! Way too expensive for me though 😦 I only got my hair cut because they had a stand by appointment for £18!
        I think salons do a really nice blonde though – not as yellow! x

      • beckinablog says:

        Yep. It’s going to kill me to hand over £65 for something I could technically do myself – all be it not as well – but I’ve worked my ass off this month so I’m going to enjoy my time at the salon! hahah. And yeah – i’ve had many a night crying to my boyfriend with my bright yellow hair wrapped up in a towel. It’s a hard one to get right at home. x

      • beckinablog says:

        or expensive full head of foils for me… 😛
        definitely is! i think I need it! I wanted to get my hair done professionally for my graduation, but that never happened because of money and time etc etc. but now I can treat myself and have beautiful blonde princess hair. I just want to be Rapunzel from Tangled, god damn it! x

      • BambiLeigh says:

        Who doesn’t want to be Rapunzel?! Me actually, Little Mermaid FO LYF.
        I think if you’re gonna pay all that money for a colour, blonde is definitely the colour to go for! If you think about it they actually achieve a way better colour than most DIY kits, whereas brunettes turn out the same either way.
        You go Glen, you treat yo self! x

      • beckinablog says:

        Hahah – any disney princess will do! 😛
        Definitely. I messed it up a lot of times and now it’s time to treat my hair a little better! It was a lot easier when I had dark hair because I didn’t have to worry about it being coppery!

      • beckinablog says:

        Same to you, good lady! 😛
        I shall no doubt be excitedly blogging about my new blonde princess hair at the end of the week! teehee. xx

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