Am I a bit late to the party with this? I think I might be …Everyone pretend to be excited. MORE EXCITED.

Charlotte princess and the frog, Click on the picture to see the gif ;)

That’s better! Right, in my ‘One and Only’ tag I spoke about my favourite brow product which you can find here. I thought I’d never love another brow pencil like I loved that thing. I was ready to run off into the sunset with it in all honesty… but then I found Brow Satin.

I picked up the Maybelline ‘Brow Satin’ for about £5 from Superdrug on a whim as they had a ‘3 for 2’ offer on and I thought it’d be a good back up. I picked up the shade medium brown as I already have the Maybelline ‘Brow Drama’ in that shade so I know it’s the right colour for me.

DSCN1334These two products together are amazing! The Brow Satin is a ‘gel pen’ one end and a ‘filling powder’ the other. I find that my brows look fine when I just the the pencil end but if I use the pencil and the powder together… oh my. And then if you set your brows with the Brow Drama… oh boy oh boy. Brow heaven people.

DSCN1339DSCN1336The idea is that you get the shape you want with the crayon-ey gel like end, and then you fill in the sparse areas with the weird soft end. If you don’t like your brows to look too sculpted I wouldn’t go for this as it’s meant to make your brows look a lot smoother, fuller and natural looking. How many times can we say brows?

DSCN1340Most days I’m done after just using the Brow Satin but if I’ve got a long day so I need my brows to last I’ll add a little Brow Drama and those bad boys are going no where. I think there is a clear formula available but as I got the tinted gel I usually go in with a bit of a lighter hand than normal when using the Satin so they aren’t too dark, and then by adding the Drama over the top I get the colour I want. If you do just one light ‘coat’ with this you get a natural/firm hold, but you could definitely go over your brows two or three times if you like them to be really cemented down.

Quick Fire – Brow Satin
Creates: Natural & fuller looking brows
Range: Four shades available
Where: Superdrug, Boots & Feel Unique
Price: £5.99
Staying power: Pretty good, just don’t rub at your brows too much
Worth it?: Definitely – it’s changed my brows for the better
Repurchase?: 100% – I don’t let myself run out, I always have a back up!

Quick Fire – Brow Drama
Creates: Structured dramatic brows
Range: Four shades available
Where: Superdrug, Boots & Feel Unique
Price: £4.99
Staying power: A few coats of this and your brows are concrete
Worth it?: Yes – it does what it says on the tube!
Repurchase?: Yes, but I wouldn’t make a special trip for it if I run out




  1. lafemmecarmen says:

    Oh well.. My credit card will be mad at me, but I just can’t resist, it looks so amazing haha! great post xx

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