Love a good tag me! I saw this over on Kaily’s blog and she tagged everybody so… YAY TAGS.

1.) Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, and lipglosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows?

I’d have to say I’ll keep my palettes! I’m still searching for my holy grail mascara and I can repurchase all the other bits!

2.) Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?

As Kaily said: “Toss me in tower and call me Rapunzel.Ā  There is no way Iā€™m chopping off all my hair.”
It’s taken me ages to grow this! It’s still not super long, but we’re getting there!

3.) Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek?

Eh, I’m not really a blush person… I’ll just smear a bit of whatever on there if I’m honest.

4.) If you had $1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or makeup?

Clothes. Every time.

5.) Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?

Okay… well I know you can buy black lipstick, so lipstick as eyeliner! Just use a little liner brush and no one would know!

6.) Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?

Haha, I’ve never shopped at either! I’m poor and English people.

7.) Would you rather only use one eyeshadow color or one lip color for the rest of your life?

Uhm, one eyeshadow? No, lip. I don’t know! I’ve always got eyeliner on, so whilst I enjoy eyeshadow it’s not a killer if I don’t have it.

8.) Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?

Neither! What a horrible question. Wait… that doesn’t mean I wanna be naked. I get so grumpy if I’m not the right temperature!

9.) Would you rather have dark nails or bright nails all year round?

Bright! I think I’ve had dark nails about twice in the last year!

10.) Would you rather give up your favorite lip product or your favorite eye product?

Lips I guess.. I really like my eyeliner combo at the moment. Although the products are really cheap so I could repurchase!

11.) Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a ponytail or a messy bun?

I like the ol’ messy bun, but if I’m never cutting my hair I want people to see how long it’s getting! I could always plait that ponytail too right?!

12.) Would your rather never be able to paint your nails again or never use lip-gloss?

I hate lipgloop. Why would you want a sticky gob?!

13.) Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all or sharpie them in everyday?

This makes no sense. Why would I have to SHARPIE them in EVERYDAY? Sharpie’s are pretty much permanant right? Ah whatever, I hate my eyebrows – shave the buggers.

14.) Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?

Ahahaha, have you seen my face without makeup?! Bye polish!

As Kaily did, I tag everyone! GOOOOO.



      • Karen Rees says:

        Haaaa lol don’t worry huni – I found 6 spammed comments from other bloggers in my folder a few days ago, so frustrating as I didn’t want them thinking I wasn’t responding šŸ˜¦ Stooopid wordpress *grrr* X

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