What can I say, I’m a sucker for tags! I saw this over on Bitch On The Verge‘s blog and decided to steals it!

– What do you watch or read during me-time?

I’m quite partial to a bit of Disney – literally any Disney film. But if I don’t have a lot of time I’ll either put Friends on or catch up on YouTube! Oh or Hollyoaks!

– What do you wear during me-time?

I got these pajamas from Peacocks a little while ago that have unicorns all over them and say don’t mess with me I’m magical… so comfy. I like to go all out and tuck them into knee high socks and wear a cardi that doesn’t match… oh yeah, so sexy. Either those or my Disney onesie!

– What are your me-time beauty products?

I really love the Soap & Glory ‘No Clogs Allowed’ at the moment and I always use Aussie’s 3 minute miracle if I have time. I’ve just bought Lee Staffords treatment ‘For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length’ so I’ll definitely be using that a lot!

– Current favourite nail polish?

Ooooh anything red! As it’s Autumn now I went a bought a really deep red by BarryM which I’ve been enjoying – it’s called ‘Red Wine’.

– What do you eat/drink during me-time?

EVERYTHING. Lol, jks. Lol, not rly.
Usually copious amounts of tea and then I munch on anything I fancy! I’m trying to eat a bit better lately so I’ve been spreading a little bit of fluff onto the fruity ryvita crackers! YUM!

– Current favourite candle?

I love all my candles, but the ‘Vanilla Caramal Swirl’ by Village Candle… oh lordy.

– Do you ever have outdoor me-time?

Absolutely! …as in walking from the car to the house.

– Would you ever go see a movie alone?

No. I don’t like going to the cinema period, so definitely not alone. I don’t even like walking alone!

– Favourite online shop?

Is eBay a shop?

– Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?

I like to go on Sims, spend ages making a family and a house and then never play with them again. I really can’t get into Sims 3 or 4 though! I mostly sleep if I’m honest haha!

There’s quite a few people who I’d love to do this tag but I know these can be a bit of a burden sometimes, so if you’ve sat and read through this tag please feel free to do it yourself!


8 thoughts on “THE ME TIME TAG

  1. Britney says:

    This has just solidified even more that we are twins!
    Disney, check.
    Magical unicorns, check.
    Love for sims, check.
    I really want to try your fave beauty products now!!

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