There’s no getting away from it people – Christmas is coming. Now I’m older I don’t care too much, but when I was younger OMG SO EXCITE. I’d start getting over excited when every other TV advert was for some kind of kids toy!

I thought it would be fun to compare the kind of things I used to ask for to the toys and gadgets that kids ask for now! Probably not too different – I know Furby’s made a comeback! I used to love mine, then I realised how creepy it was! And it’s eyes would never close properly so it always looked kind of evil…

I think this toy is the first one that pops to my head because we were clearing out the garage a couple of months ago and I found a box of Betty Spaghetty! I found a lot of old toys, but I was rather excited about Betty. I even learnt to plait on their hair! It wasn’t really hair though was it… more long pieces of plastic spaghetti! I always seemed to lose their feet too!

After having a bit of a rummage on Google I’ve found that you can still buy Betty Spaghetty from the likes of Amazon – but they’re imposters! They look nothing like the Speggy’s I know and love, not in my opinion anyway! I hate it when companies try and ‘modernise’ their products. Like, no. They looked fine the way they were before, they were authentic. I don’t wanna play with this bitch:


If you want the good ol’ fashioned Betty Spaghetty’s your going to have to put a few hours into the eBay machine! I don’t know whether to sell mine or keep them for nostalia’s sake… and I’m also a bit of a hoarder so it would probabvly cause me immense pain to let them go. Let me know if you used to have these!


8 thoughts on “TOP 5 TOYS I WANTED AS A KID – Part One

  1. Nadine says:

    Oh my goodness, this brings back so many memories! I used to love Betty Spaghetti! 😀 I actually have no idea what I did with mine. Hopefully it’s just safely stored somewhere. 🙂

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