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In yesterdays post I said that this was a fun series to be doing… I’ve changed my mind – it’s depressing! I want to keep all the things! I never want to throw anything away. I want all my old toys back. ALL OF THEM. …I’m that weird hoarder lady off of Labyrinth that carries all her things on her back:

The next brand of toys that was always on my wishlist had sooo many products and variations within it, and I’m not ashamed to say that I owned quite a few! I was really into animals and stuff back then (well, I still like animals) but I thought I wanted to be a vet so naturally the toys that I opted for were Animal Hospital! I had so many bits and pieces it was unreal. They’re something else we found in the garage! They’ve all been passed on now though 😦



I’ve just spent a good half hour trying to find decent pictures and a bit more information about Animal Hospital but it’s almost impossible! They have something similar available at the moment called ‘AniMagic’, but everything is pink and looks quite a bit different… I don’t like the look of it.
I had so many different bits and pieces. There was a van, a helicopter, a speed boat, a jeep, a quad bike, a pony rescue, a hospital setting and loads of other little add ons – I can’t remember everything there was so much! I actually a bit gutted that I can’t find any good pictures! The only place you can buy the original RSPCA Animal Hospital stuff is eBay now!

Is there anything you wish was available in stores now that you used to play with?


5 thoughts on “TOP 5 TOYS I WANTED AS A KID – Part Three

  1. Strange Made Me says:

    I had the van! It was my favourite toy for ages! One sister had the hospital and my other 8 year old sister had the helicopter a couple of years ago for Christmas… they must have recently dissapeared from stores! I was sure they used to be really popular too… I wonder why they ditched them? 😦 I used to love Betty Spaghetti and they only seem to be on Ebay now. And the original Polly Pocket, but I think they were considered a choking hazard so most places stopped stocking them! (although I swallowed one once and I’m fine! Ha.)

    • BambiLeigh says:

      Maybe you can still buy them and I just can’t find them! As I was writing about Betty Spaghettys and Polly Pockets I did start to think how dangerous they could be! And my Mum gave them to a 3 year old… oops!

      • Strange Made Me says:

        Yeah, I used to ‘whip’ my sister with Betty spaghetti’s hair, which probably wasn’t the safest thing to do! Oh wow, a 3 year old, that’s some crazy toy trust right there 😀

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