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The next toy in my list is still so popular. You can buy it pretty much anywhere, not just toy shops! I feel like this brand is never going to die out. Other companies try and try to make toys that outdo these, and they just can’t.

I feel it wouldn’t be a genuine series if I didn’t add this to the line up. Literally every kid wanted these, even some boys. No joke!

If I said Barbie on it, the chances are that I owned it. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s all in the loft. KEEP ALL THE THINGS.
Funny story: I had this little Barbie house (which was the shit btw) but I couldn’t set it up by myself so I asked my Mum to help who was busy at the time so had the slight hump. To cheer her up I decided it was a fantabulous idea to stick my head through the window… for those of you that don’t know me – I have a large head. It’s not HUGE, but slightly larger than average. It got stuck. REALLY stuck. That definitely cheered her up!

I think I probably owned a million Barbies and maybe two pairs of matching shoes! How did those pesky little things always end up getting lost?! The two Barbies that first spring to mind are the mermaid Barbie who’s hair changed colour in the bath and the pregnant Barbie!

I could talk to you for ages about all the different types of Barbie dolls I had (remember the kid – Cindy?! I had one that got chicken pox if you got her face wet!) but I could talk to you for even longer about the accessories! And by accessories I mean the Barbie jeep (which I had), the Barbie remote controlled convertible (which I had), the Barbie pet shop (which I had)… you get the idea. But my favourite add on by far was this bad boy…

BOOM! This thing was bloody awesome. And it was remote controlled! I need to stop until we have a super long post all about my love for Barbies! If I was a kid now, these would still be on my Christmas list! I did get into Bratz too, but Barbie has a special place deep down 🙂


3 thoughts on “TOP 5 TOYS I WANTED AS A KID – Part Four

  1. Strange Made Me says:

    I was never a huge Barbie kid, I had cast offs from my cousin, like a barbie house, jeep and this really weird park set, but my beanie babies took over them! My sister was the barbie addict, she had the horse and carriage too! 😀 I can’t believe you managed to get your head stuck in the house hahaha :’)

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