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Do you ever have a mental day and get super worried that all the other toys you loved will feel left out and rejected if you don’t include them in your lineup…?

Yeah… There was absolutely no way I could choose which one to include in the top 5, so I’ll include them all! The four previous toys in this series are the ones that sprung to mind as soon as I thought of doing these posts but I feel there’s so many awesome ‘old school’ toys out there that you can still buy and kids would still love! So, in no particular order…


If you didn’t have a Tamagotchi you didn’t have a childhood. I was so good at keeping mine alive! I remember I took it to school once and was playing with it under the table in maths (I failed), and I was caught by the teacher who told me to hand it over. The rule was that if you had your phone confiscated you got it back at the end of the day, but anything else you got back at the end of the week… I handed my phone over! If I’d of given up my Tamagotchi it would have died! I think this would still make an awesome Christmas present!



These probably weren’t as popular as I think they were – but they were still pretty cool! I had several of these (I actually had that exact one!) and they were pretty fun, although some of my friends weren’t too keen. You need a bit of imagination with things like these! As you can see the skirt of their dress opens up and has a little scene inside. From what I remember I had a princess themed one and a beach theme! I don’t believe they make these anymore but you can find them on eBay. Although ones still in their original box go for about £40!


I forgot all about Cabbage Patch Kids until I started looking for something else! I only had one Cabbage Patch and her name was Paula. She came in a little swimming costume with a rubber ring with a duck on it, and if you squeezed the duck water would come out of the little shower head attached! I can’t find a picture of the one I had unfortunately, but you can still buy these – it looks like there’s tons of variations!


I’m super confused about this one… I know you can still buy it, but they look nothing like the one I had. They may have been rebranded I guess. This one’s called Skip It, and it’s basically the same as what I had as a kid, except it’s flexible. Mine went round your ankle but then it had like, a long pole with a little bit on the end which really hurt if it hit you in the ankle… is this making sense? Anyway, Skip It!



OMG SKY DANCERS. I know I used to love these, but the only memories I have of them is someone (usually me) getting injured. I usually ended up hurting my finger or they’d hit me in the face somehow. And the great thing is you can still buy them! I’ve just added this to my Christmas list, no joke. More injuries are yet to happen!

Sky Dancers


Did anyone else have this or was it just me? I don’t remember anyone ever talking about it. I think it was called Barbie’s Fashion Plates or something. You basically just made an outfit by mixing up the little plastic bits and scribbled over them… done. You can probably still get these, just different variations.


If you didn’t have this water gun, you weren’t cool. This thing lasted me years! I remember it was late summer and I’d just had a shower and got nice and comfy and relaxed for the evening and my Dad absolutley soaked me with one of these. And instead of starting a full on water fight… I cried and ran away.



I don’t know much about this, I just have a vague memory of it and know it was fun!



Did you have a few of these?! Would yoy buy any for your kids/siblings etc? Let me know!



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